Dave Matthews - President

7177 Dublin Road

Dublin Ohio, 43017


(614) 581-2126

● Trip planning on an hourly or project basis

● Marketing and public relations

● Writing for travel publications or for travel companies, hotel brands, cruise lines

● Consulting with travel companies on growth, customer service, marketing and more

● Media relations and media source

● Photography (all photos on this site, unless otherwise noted, are by Enrichment Travel Services staff)

Enrichment Travel Services specializes in trip planning and travel consulting for individuals and custom tours for private groups from select regions, as well as services for the travel industry. Founder Dave Matthews started Enrichment after selling his previous group tour company after 23 years of growth. We don't serve everyone, and we don't send people to places we don't know. But when we plan travel together, we take the time to understand your travel needs and deliver a unique experience. We focus on a few special tours and other travel services, including: